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Leading Your High Performance Team

In the fields of corporate speaking and extreme environment achievement, Graeme holds a unique place.  His
presentations combine the thrills of an inspiring adventure with the management and personal development material
that makes his wisdom instantly useable in your business or everyday life.  In this new address, which follows on from
the hugely successful “Building the High Performance Team”, Graeme looks at the critical role of the leader in the
development of quality team performance. He focuses on the qualities of the High Performance Leader and the
implications for the aspiring leader and his/her team.  These include;
Vision – its creation and developing commitment within your team.  Defining success and the
measurement of performance.
Empowerment – creating leaders within your organisation.

Creating a Sense of Urgency – critical for the leader
Communication – high performance leaders are excellent communicators.  Recognising the
personality types within your organisation and communicating effectively.

Attitude – the cultivation of a positive attitude which Graeme stresses is more important that
a skill base

Empathy – a quality of the high performance leader and his team

The Legacy of the High Performance Leader

Importantly, Graeme believes that leadership can be learned and shows how you can become a
High Performance Leader by concentrating on some simple fundamentals

Corporate Culture – From Good to Great!
Speaker, coach, trainer & leader or co-leader of some 18 successful expeditions, Graeme Joy knows from personal
experience that one of the fundamental keys to success is to develop and sustain a winning culture.  Graeme’s latest keynote focuses on.  He has used a variety of his expeditions as models to portray what are the elements of a successful culture.
First hand leadership and team experience in some of the toughest environments in the world like the North Pole is a powerful teacher. When you elevate your North Pole team to the High Performance Team status and beat the usual success rate for North Pole expeditions (5%) then not only have you ‘got things right’ but you have managed to sustain it as well.
Leadership skills are a vital ingredient in the High Performance Team & must be understood by all team members for the team to be successful. Understanding preferred work styles of team members and leaders is another important element of success
which is often taken for granted.  Yet when the going is tough and the team is feeling stretched or stressed to meet outcomes the preferred work styles are a powerful element in sustaining team cohesion and focus. It avoids playing the blame game.
In the spirit of Jim Collins “Good to Great’ Graeme shows how your team and company’s culture is a major contributor to success. In the words of Jim Collins you must ‘put the right people on the bus’. A powerful culture enables you to get those right people’ on your bus. Graeme’s method of achieving these outcomes ranges from conference keynotes through to coaching and specially designed training programs. He has delivered these programs world wide including Hawaii, China, Egypt, New Zealand and next month in France.
“Graeme spent a great deal of time getting to know exactly what we needed and was able to bring some of the key examples from previous trainings we had into his presentation. The sales team feedback has been very positive, he was bombarded with questions- it was actually difficult for him to get away. Graeme's presentation used real examples as well as the fantastic photos of his and his team expeditions to reinforce the crucial steps
in developing a high performing Sanofi Aventis team.“

                                                Sanofi Aventis

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